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February 12, 2011
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The Lost- Reference by qui-non-stultus The Lost- Reference by qui-non-stultus
The Lost
Also known as the Faceless, they are a revered, and feared entity, the Lost are generally veiwed as the returned spirits of the native Tekrans- because that is precisely what they are. While they seem to carry all the stiffness of a mummified corpse, they are in fact graceful when in motion. Silent, ever-drifting and always alert..
Frequency: Special- The Gray Man's Summoning
Location: All areas, but especially The Ghostlands, Occasionally seen accompanying the Gray Man
Size: Average Humanoid Height
Diet: None
Temperment: Differs. Some may be mild, others aggressive, others borderline hospitable.
Behavior: The Lost are, to be clear, materialized spirits of the native Tekrans. When appearing, they will do so in a flourish of mist that will then assume the position at its 'foot'. Every faceless is generally mild, but each have their own personality, and obey the Gray Man. They won't attack unless provoked, or are aggressive. They don't speak, but utter indistinguishable mumbling/whispering noises.
Gender Dimorphism: None.
Special Abilities:
- Flickering: They have the ability to disappear and reappear in a flourish of their mistings, anywhere within ten to fifty feet away.
- Reach: An arc of white energy passes from the hand of the Faceless to its target, grabbing them, stunning them, and pulling them closer. The stunning lasts anywhere between seconds to minutes.
- Ghosting: Can pass through solid objects with ease, at will.
- Shiver: A bitter touch (ala claws) that sends a strong, paralytic shock through a body, stunning them for up to ten minutes.
Weaknesses: Cannot travel over water (except when on a bridge or something). No one can quite banish The Lost, however- it seems they reappear in a short amount of time, even if they're seemingly destroyed.

- The Lost cannot feel pain. A wound may confuse them.
- The Lost vary from each other, though subtley. They're all mummified and skeletal, and seemingly androgynous, but proportionally may differ (taller, shorter, wider, thinner, etc).
- They can be considered a neutral class of ressurrected undead. They cannot be turned by holy magic, nor can they be claimed by a necromancer.
- Electronics may go haywire around them.

These guys can detect blood and blood health! Consider it a sort of sense; the closer they are, the easier it is to pinpoint. The target doesn't need to be wounded in order for the Lost to pick up on it.

Okay, here's a proper reference for those floating mummies, the Lost.

Long story short, =ImYourNumber1Moron had a nice reference sheet prepared, but it was on an external drive. And then she lost the cord to the drive. So I patiently waited (and hopefully you guys were patient too) for her to find her cord, buuut she couldn't. No, I'm not mad at her, and you shouldn't be either. XD; Shit happens. Give her some love.

SO. Here's an official reference. I added some extra details to the description (people were asking questions, so I threw those in), but otherwise it's the same.

In case you can't tell, I love mummies, guys. 8'I

(c) #S-OCT
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chibiktsn Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Can the Lost teleport people, or only themselves?
FillingNothingness Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2011
ha ha i needed this i was a bit confused but now im ok!
AshChem Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2011  Student Filmographer
thanks. needed this
Kastia Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2011
Ooooh, I like these fellows quite a bit <3
Hipster-Coyote Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2011  Student General Artist
Is it possible for them to go undetected; in other words, to be there but not be seen by anyone but the Grey Man until they're needed?
qui-non-stultus Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I suppose so, if that suits your needs.
Hipster-Coyote Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2011  Student General Artist
Alright. It would sort of fit in with part of the capture, which is why I asked. I could totally manage if it wasn't the case. :]
qui-non-stultus Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nupe, you can use em as you wish and establish what you'd like so long as it remains in continuity. c:
Hipster-Coyote Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2011  Student General Artist
Alright, good. |D Aaaa so excited for this.
I might drop Toxic if stuff piles up too much, but I won't drop S for sure haha...
Sylphxpression Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2011
So, would they kill a non-mammalian humanoid if it got in their way or just go straight through them?
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